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Copal Studio

One of my favourite design Mockups studios.

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What is the Website Platform Modern Muses uses to create   templates?

The platform we work with is called Webflow. It’s a no-code platform that lets me create unique online experiences and makes managing the website extremely easy for the website owners.

Why should I choose Webflow over other platforms?

Webflow lets you launch a fully custom website that moves you from a category “ok” to a category “wow” and its platform that will grow with your business. It has blog functionality and lets you generate multiple custom pages automatically. You can sell physical and digital products with a fully customizable Ecommerce functionality. Once memberships are launched, it would be a significant upgrade and an excellent opportunity for online educators to launch custom educational portals and have another option outside of Kajabi and Teachable.

What types of websites are a good fit for a Webflow?

Webflow would be great as a platform for any sort of creative website, especially for personal or studio websites for designers/photographers/videographers and other types of service providers. Webflow would be a great fit for launching sales landing pages and boutique online stores.

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