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Meet Olga, award-winning Webflow expert & educator

Hello, my name is Olga, I am an official Webflow Marketplace Template creator and the person behind Modern Muses & Zerocodegirl. I believe that doing the same thing as everyone else is not going to cut it. And to stand out as creatives we need to be ahead of trends and go beyond average. That's why I created Modern Muses to provide creatives with tools and skills to never be lost in the see of online sameness.

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Client Love

Olga was a godsend! I was looking for someone who could create a website that felt unique and innovative while getting my vision and brand personality. Olga exceeded my expectations - she was professional, creative, quick, and thoughtful. I had an idea of what I wanted, but was completely lost in terms of the functionality or creative direction, but Olga brought that to life and made the website, design, and user experience exactly what I wanted. It's as if she jumped into my brain and completely understood the task. I'm so grateful I found her and would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Olga, you were everything I needed!


Olga was easy to work with. She was able to take my broad ideas and narrow them down to just the right aspect that I needed. The biggest impact of working with her was being able to feel happy creating a website from scratch and not just plugging in information on predesigned sites. The website was catered specifically to my brand.


Selling expensive jewelry online is not an obvious thing to do. Working with Olga not only increased the number of requests we are getting online but helped us to finally have a website that represents our vision. 

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