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Launch an efficient and aesthetically pleasing website simply by dragging & dropping elements from the Sage & Milk UI Kit.

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You can use your website on a CMS plan and upgrade to Ecommerce plan once you are ready to activate checkout and sell your products online.
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Website Launch  roadmap

From setting your website goals to navigating the  Webflow website launch process, our roadmap has got you covered. With our guidance, you can confidently bring your website to life and showcase your creativity to the world. So, let's get started on your website journey today!

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Why Marketplace templates much cheaper than Modern Muses Premium DIY Packages?

The price of the Official Marketplace templates is controlled by Webflow. Templates created for the Webflow Marketplace are less detailed than our Premium Templates and do not include Figma files and Customization course.

What is the Web Platforms for the templates?

Modern Muses templates are made for the Webflow platform. It is a no code platform, that gives you a full control over the look and feel of your website.

What is the license?

For the templates that are sold through the Official Webflow marketplace, Please check the License on the Webflow website.

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