How to Choose a Webflow Template?

Starting with a Website template

Whether you are just starting your business and need a brand new website or your business is evolving, it’s about the time to develop an elevated online presence. There are multiple roads you can take to create an online home that will serve your goals and will become an essential tool for your business. 

Not every business, especially a freshly launched one is in urgent need of a custom website. When you're starting out, you need to make sure you got your foundations right. You need to be clear about your audience, offers, and messaging. Often, it can take a while and even a few tries before you will start feeling confident about the answers. Using a template can help to speed up this process, try out different theories, and narrow things down. 

The best place to look for a Webflow template would be The official Webflow Template Marketplace. It has the most extensive and fast-growing collection of templates. And because you are here, I believe you are looking into launching an elegant and feminine website. To help you with your search, I’ve created a list of Best Feminine Webflow templates for modern creatives.

What to look for in a Webflow template?


As a first step, you need to understand what kind of a website you are looking for. For example, if you are a service provider and your goal is to create an online presence for your brand, and you are not ready to sell products online or not sure about your blogging plans. You don’t need to limit yourself by the functionality criteria. But If you are looking into launching specifically an online store or a blog, you can start by narrowing down your search with “functionality” criteria. Just keep in mind, that you can add Ecommerce, blogging, CMS, and Memberships (coming soon)  functionality at any point in time to any website when you are ready. 

The Vibe 

When looking at multiple template options, the first thing to do would be is to create a shortlist of templates that match look and feel of your brand. If you're not going to hire a designer and planning on customizing the template by yourself, it should resonate with you and your audience. You can easily change colors and fonts, but if you're not experienced with Webflow, you might want to do as little changes as possible. 


Webflow Marketplace organizes templates by categories. You should look into the category that matches your brand first, but don’t think of it as a limitation. You should be looking into other categories as well. For example, if you are a designer you can look into “Beauty” or “Photographer” category etc. Very often, the category is nominal and you should be looking at the overall vibe and page structure.

Page Structure

This is one of the most important things to pay attention to. Because elements you see on the pages would be your building blocks. If pages match your content perfectly, it's wonderful! But more ofter it is not going to be a perfect match. In that case, you need to look at all the pages and elements on them and make sure you have all the necessary building blocks (sections) to match your content. Some Webflow templates would have multiple layouts for different pages. Those might be a good option to go for. 

Template Designer

One of the ways to choose a template is to check the designers you like first. Or if you liked the template but not familiar with the creator, it would be a good thing to learn more about them by looking at the website and other templates. It will give you an idea about the experience and the style.

Once you choose your template, you will need to go through the customization process. And to help you on the way, I’ve created a template customization guide, How To Customize And Launch A Website From A Webflow Template

Some Websites I've crafted with Webflow Ecommerce:

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