Webflow Ecommerce Pros and Cons

Have you ever asked yourself if you should launch your Ecommerce website on Webflow? The quick answer would be there are pros and cons to it, and it depends on the type of business you are in. Webflow Ecommerce opens some doors which are impossible to open with Shopify and other platforms, but at the same time, it might not be a good fit for some businesses. So let’s dig a little deeper and understand when you can dramatically benefit from the Webflow Ecommerce website and when it would be better to go for another platform. 

Webflow Ecommerce would be an excellent fit for:

Boutique Product & Service Businesses

If you are selling a limited number of items, you need to present your products exactly as you want without any limitations. Webflow lets you create exactly the look & feel you are going for with no compromises. If you are a small brand, it could be your way to stand out from other brands and make people feel the difference.

Aesthetically driven businesses

The website is one of the touchpoints with the brand. And if you need your website to play a part in building a relationship with your customers, you would want to use all the opportunities. And Webflow is a perfect tool to help you create sophisticated and unique customer experiences without a line of code.

Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you often need to wear multiple hats. But with web design, even if you would like to make some updates or change things by yourself, it might be overly complicated and require code knowledge. Suppose you don’t have ongoing web development support. In that case, Webflow gives you a visual interface where you can experiment with your website structure and design without the risk of ruining your website because you can always come back to a previous version. 

Some Websites I've crafted with Webflow Ecommerce:

Webflow Ecommerce Pros

Fully customizable without any code

I would say that the closest comparison with Webflow would be the custom-coded websites because Webflow allows you to create any number of custom pages with any structure. But the difference with custom code would be that you don’t need to know any. In other words no need for code at all. Even not a web design-related business owner, anyone can watch Webflow Educational videos and launch their website.

Sophisticated Customer Experience

Webflow lets you create unique CSS and JavaScript animations within the visual interface. It opens an opportunity for boutique and smaller businesses to create unique shopping experiences and stand out online without investing in custom coding.

Multiple Sales pages and A/B tests

With Webflow Ecommerce Platform, you can create unique landing and sales pages for each of your products. In addition, you can even A/B test multiple sales pages, which is an unbeatable advantage and an ample opportunity not available with other platforms.

Custom Product and Checkout pages

Most platforms will give very standardized options for checkout and product pages. However, Webflow Ecommerce gives you almost complete freedom with deciding on the structure and functionality of your pages and checkout.

Webflow Ecommerce would NOT be the best choice.

Big Ecommerce, Subscriptions, Dropshipping

If creating a unique customer experience is not your primary objective and your goal is to launch an effective gateway to sell and ship thousands of products, you might consider other platforms or even custom development.

Webflow Ecommerce Cons

No native user accounts/subscriptions

Webflow is actively working on the account, and they should be available soon. But right now, customers can’t log in directly to the website and have to look for all the information inside the emails sent by Webflow Ecommerce. And if you want to sell some items on subscription, you will have to use third-party plugins.

Fewer integrations available

Even though Webflow has a significant number of integrations and plugins available, things like multiple languages, subscriptions, abandoned carts recovery, etc., can be easily connected. However, there are still some integrations that would not be available with Webflow, and you will have to consider other platforms like Shopify.

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