Hey, I’m Rebecca

Hey! I'm Rebecca, a freelance brand and web designer based in San Francisco. I pair a laid-back California energy with a commitment to merging artistry with strategy and creating designs that leave a lasting impact.


What is your creative Journey?

My creative journey didn't really take off until college. I was never a particularly artsy kid (although I was creative in other ways) and my family all worked in non-creative fields, so I didn't even know that graphic design was a career path. Initially drawn to a career in healthcare, I stumbled upon an advertising class that ignited my passion for creativity. I made a quick pivot in my major, delving into film, design, and media. It felt like a floodgate of untapped creativity opened, and I couldn't get enough. During my college years, I found myself helping family and friends with logos and websites. It became evident that design was the path for me! It's never too late to embrace your creative passions and chart a new course in life.

What are Your future business plans?

I would love to continue growing my business over the next years, eventually expanding into an intimate agency. One thing I miss about working in-house is creative parters, so it would be great to have another partner to bounce ideas off of and hold each other accountable. I am also working on creating a shop for posters and potentially for Webflow templates, so we will see where that leads.

What piece of advice would you offer creatives entering the field?

How do balance your personal and professional life?

How do you think you stand apart from other creatives?

Can you share some lessons you've learned through your creative career?

The biggest lesson I've learned is to leave your ego at the door! It takes a really long time to hone in design skills and there will always be areas to improve in. It's so important to be humble, learn from more experienced creatives, ask questions when you don't know something, and be open to critiques. It's helped me to become a much better designer and to build a great creative community.

How does tools like Webflow and Figma help your business process?

Webflow and Figma help me endlessly. Both tools allow full creative control during my design process. I love Figma because I can easily create color and type systems and apply them to my whole site design. It also feels much more intuitive than other design tools. Webflow is such a game changer. I previously worked in tech, where I would have to go back and fourth with developers to get the desired product. Webflow allows me to have full autonomy over my designs, which results in much more engaging and creative websites. Figma and Webflow are my secret weapons!

ATNN Design

Alyssa Nguyễn

Hi! I’m Alyssa, NYC-based, self-taught creative + head of ATNN Design. I founded this studio in 2019 while studying at Princeton, where I discovered my love for creating spaces for WOC.

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Random Pattern Studio

Pili Laviolette

My name is Pili. I'm a UX/UI and brand designer located in Ontario, Canada. I've been working as a designer for over 15 years. I currently own and run a boutique design studio called Random Pattern. We specialize in brand, web, and UX/UI design, and we primarily work with early-stage tech startups around the world.

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Studio Madz


I am a brand & web designer building custom websites for creators & online entrepreneurs that give them the freedom & flexibility they crave. I do this through strategic branding and custom web development using powerful no-code and AI tools that can improve your workflow and help you grow your business in your own unique way.

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December Oak

Stefani Lefler

Hello! I'm Stefani, the founder of December Oak. We are a collaborative studio creating immersive web experiences to elevate your brand and website.

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Studio Daisie

Nics Norman

I’m Nics, founder and creative director of Studio Daisie, which is a creative Shopify design & development studio based in Seattle. We create beautiful and strategic online experiences for e-commerce brands in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industry.

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Hey, I am Maria

I'm Maria, a designer and co-founder of Higher Ground Studio. I create Webflow websites that merge aesthetics and business goals for teams, founders, and entrepreneurs through thoughtful design and strategic development. My passion lies in shaping digital experiences that not only captivate and engage users but also drive results. Whether it's a stunning landing page for startups, a sleek portfolio site, or a dynamic website with integrated solutions, I thrive on translating ideas into visually compelling and functional online spaces.

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